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missing it

I feel like a delinquint Olympic addict--- been house sitting the past couple day so I've seen some, not as much as I would like, but at least some.  Bits and pieces - an our or two a day max-  volleyball, track and field, diving.  And watching diving makes me happy!

Prior to housesitting the treadmill dog (and yes he really gets on for at least 45mins a day) I was almost passing out asleep by 10 so I missed a lot fo the focus stuff on primetime.  sad... but I needed the sleep desperately.   

now I'll have to relive many things via recaps and possible hit up The Boy to catch some of what is on demand.  

You can tell I am still tired as I remember watching something last night and crying, but I can't remember what it was.  Yes I was overemotional but it was a good athlete story.  No idea though.

Oh I remeber what it is was that had me crying- I was so excited to see Russia win the relay.  It's extra emotional when the unexpected happens.  Still sad the US and then later Jamaica dropped the batons but man was it amazing to see RUssia pull it off.

Looking forward to catching what I can the next two days and then off course closing ceremonies!

One More Thing

About Beach Volleyball.

What is with the dancing swimsuit clad women?

I am guessing this is something that they have at all large Beach Volleyball competitions, but whoa that is weird to me. I mean, I suppose it is not that much different than cheerleaders for Football or dance teams for Basketball. 

Were they at the women's games too? I could have sworn I saw them in the background at a few of the women's matches.


Double Gold in Beach Volleyball

Thankfully my husband woke me up tonight when I fell asleep watching the Men's Beach Volleyball gold medal match.

That was a crazy series.

It was exciting to see the men win the gold- but I think it was more exciting because of how close the first two games were. The third game, while interesting definitely didn't keep me on the edge of my seat as much.

I also watched the BMX finals tonight. Lots of spills. It kind of reminded me of the snowboarding (moguls?) in the 2006 Olympics. People dropping like flies. I have no idea how some of those athletes stayed on their bikes.

I'm looking forward to a nice Olympic weekend. While I'll be sad to see the Games end, I think my TiVo will be grateful for a little rest before the start of the Fall TV season.

Synchronized Duet Semifinals

The Duet Semifinals for Synchronized Swimming were aired on Tuesday night on Oxygen.

In case you couldn't tell, this is my favorite Summer sport. While I prefer the team to the duet competition, I really enjoy watching both.

Originally Synchro was scheduled to debut on Monday night on Oxygen. Even though it had been removed from my TiVo's description for the programming block, I taped it anyhow. As my intelligent TiVo had tried to tell me, there was no Synchro to be seen.

Last night I watched what was now the debut, expecting to start at the beginning. I knew I wouldn't get to see all the teams (I never do), but I definitely was not prepared for what I did see.

Someone at NBC seems to have decided that it was ok to axe the technical program for the duet competition in favor of showing the artistic routines twice. Let me explain that a little better because it probably sounds stupidly obvious why that's a bad idea- and while it is a bad idea, it's not for the reason it would seem.

Scoring, as I understand it, for the duet competition goes something like this: 1) Preform technical routine and receive scores. 2) Preform artistic routine and receive scores. 3) Average tech and artistic scores together. 4) Averaged score determines who continues on to compete in the finals.

What do they do in the finals, you ask? Well, they do their artistic routine. Again. Same routine, different day.

Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate that it being a different day there will definitely be changes, and I don't mind watching it twice. However, I feel like they really did a diservice by not showing the technical routines at all. This is the section where those who aren't familiar with the sport would really be able to see the differences between teams and even start to discern synchronization differences.

What almost irritates me more (I say almost, because I'm still truly upset that I missed the technical routines) is that the broadcast of the preliminary free routines began (and went throughout) with the commentators refering to the technical routines and the basic assumption that the viewing public had seen said routines. So, somewhere NBC has these routines taped and commentated. Why in the world didn't they show them?

What did they show in their place, you ask? Equestrian (which is fine by me) and their Gymnastics recap (a total waste of time- as I discussed in a previous post).

Who made this decision? If I were forced to eliminate a section of the competition for TV, I would probably have chosen the first artistic routine. I'd have showed the technical routines, and then the final artistic routines.

I haven't watched tonight's finals yet (well, they aired tonight), because I think I need a day to catch up on other things and I really don't want to listen to the commentators talk about how actually the competitors can hear the music underwater (thank you, I had no idea) or how they aren't allowed to touch the bottom of the pool (again, quite obvious I would think).

I just hope that when they air the team competition the coverage is better.

Sidenote: That was crazy with the Men's 200m race. Wallace Spearman being DQ'd followed by a DQ of Churandy Martina to move two US men into silver and bronze. Crazy.

Medal Revoked

I haven't said much about this, but now that it's "official" I'm going to weigh in.

First of all, I find it appaling that Ara Abrahamian (the Swedish wrestler) would put down his medal and walk out on the medal ceremony. 

I get that he had a beef with how they decided his earlier match (this keeping him from the Gold medal match later on). I'm sure he's not the only athlete that has qualms about scoring, tie breaking, or other judging decisions (I'm not even going to touch the Alicia Sacramone vault discussion). If you watched Michael Phelps swim the 100m Butterfly you will remember that Milorad Cavic's coach filed a petition after the finish (another judging decision I don't want to discuss really). Coaches have the right to do that, and in most instances there is a process you have to go through in order to lodge your complaint or petition.

That is how you handle yourself when you feel that a judging decision is not correct.

You don't put down (drop, whatever- there are conflicting accounts) your medal on the floor and stalk out of the room like a giant baby.

You're an Olympic athlete. Have some respect for yourself, your country, the Games, and the other athletes for pity's sake.

You can't win every time, and chances are as a world class athlete you're going to encounter judging/point systems that you think are biased against you. Part of being an athlete is dealing with those things.

I think that the IOC is absolutely right to say that Abrahamian violated the spirit of fair play with his behavior.

Don't they teach good sportsmanship to athletes anymore?

Thanks Internet

Well, I am not looking at any websites or papers or anything because apparently there are spoilers there about the Olympics. Which, yes I am not stupid, I get that China is a full 12hrs ahead of the US, but I would think that at least the NBC Olympics page would wait until they've actually aired the event to post a story about it.

Thankfully for me, my husband was kind enough to warn me.

I don't really know if there's a spoiler there about the Uneven Bars, or what (I know it's something gymnastics)- but sheesh.

In other news: I didn't get much watching done yesterday. I had an event at work that kept me until 8pm and was subsequently worn out when I got home.

I quickly watched the events I'd taped on Oxygen and let me just say: why are they even bothering to air stuff there? It's almost a waste of time.

Ok, so they did have the full Equestrian event (which, honestly, I watched on fast forward because I'm not that into horses)- but then the portion they billed as "gymnastics?" Yeah, it was a craptastic hour long gossipy recap of stuff I've already seen.

Listen up NBC. I see what you're doing here. You've designated Oxygen as your "female" network, so you're trying to throw sentimental garbage on there that you think will appeal to the female demographic. Well, it's not working. Frankly it's just insulting and stupid.

Yes, I am taping more craptastic Oxygen coverage tonight and tomorrow- but that's because it is the ONLY channel that you will air Synchrnoized swimming on, which is my all time favorite Summer Games sport.

But, I'm not happy about it.

I miss 2006 when you used Bravo as your cable destination for extra sports. Why did you change that? Too many new seasons of other shows going on? Yeah, probably. I guess it is more important to know who is rocking Project Runway or who has had their final cut on Shear Genius.

But, if you're going to air coverage on Oxygen, please at least treat your viewers like intelligent human beings. I don't think that's asking a lot.

Women's Floor Exercise

I'm a little bummed out. I really wanted Shawn Johnson to win the Floor Exercise. Oh well, what can you do.

Today I also watched Track Cycling which I didn't even know existed. Definitely an interesting sport.

I'm looking forward to watching Nastia Liukin compete on the Uneven bars tomorrow.

Also, if you missed it earlier- the Trampoline finals are on during prime time tomorrow.

absolutely amazing

go US Mens Medley team- you all rock a whole damn lot.  i was so completely caught up in watching every second.

and Phelps- astonishing!  not just 8 gold medals but also part of 7 new world records.  insane.

-helps if I post this to the right journal ;)

Michael Phelps

Well, he did it. 8 Gold medals in the Beijing Olympics.

I feel like I should have had more faith that he could, but I just really figured something would prevent it. Especially last night.

After the relay tonight, I saw him thanking his teammates which is awesome. Especially since I feel almost positive that NBC will just ask them about Phelps. Which is too bad.

I also watched the Trampoline today (Women's & Men's)- so much fun to watch, and the Women's Marathon. I've recently been running and 4 miles is my max, so I cannot imagine going 26.2 in one stretch. Insane.

It's bed time for me, I'm just too exhausted to stay up. I made it for Phelps's last race (thanks to my Husband) and we've already set the TiVo to actually keep tonight's events, so I'll catch up tomorrow.

What did you think about Phelps's run?

a little complaining

Dear NBC,
with 28 sports and I don't know how many different combinations of each sport with team/individual/etc, why is it that you devoted almost 2.5 hours singularly to the marathon?  was there not five minute sections you could have shown what you apparently consider unprimetime worthy events.  the hell.  you made time for plenty of commercials (which I am well aware are necessary to cover costs) but only a couple recaps.  not to mention nothing else was on either of the cable alternatives either.  I'm not saying don't show a lot of the marathon but really isn't this a great time to showcase some sports, even if just US athletes in these sports, that don't get a lot of play?