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Sexism in the 2010 Olympics?

To make up for no post last week, here's a second bonus post.

The Olympics are coming up.

I know I don't need to tell any of you that information. You probably already have it programmed on your TiVos or your DVR. Maybe you even have a party planned for the Opening Ceremonies (which, now I really want to do- but I might not be a great host as I'd be shushing everyone so I could hear).

Did you know that the IOC is being sued on the basis of descrimination?

That's right. A group fifteen of female ski jumpers is suing the IOC for the right to participate in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Unfortunately, the Canadian court has ruled that while they do feel that the IOC is being sexist they cannot do anything about it.

The women felt that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applied as it bars gender discrimination by government agencies and groups performing government functions. However, the Canadian judge stated that the IOC is the only entity that can reverse this descrimination because the Canadian Charter does not apply to an International Committee.

The IOC says they are glad they don't have to make the change. Their defense is that there are not enough participants to make Women's Ski Jumping a full fledged event. But, by using their standards, the Male Ski Jumping event doesn't qualify. Luckily for the men, their event has been grandfathered into the 2010 games.

The Ski Jumping event is the last event in the Olympics that remains closed to Women.

This decision also means that the current record holder on the "normal" hill in Vancouver- where the 2010 athletes will be competing- cannot participate.


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Dec. 3rd, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
The group has now appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. I don't think that they will get into the games, but the best way should have been growing the sport rather than complaining that they couldn't compete. Most Canadians think its a waste of taxpayer money to hear the case and would rather that they just be quiet. I don't think they want them to quit, they just want them to go about the proper channels of getting the sport into the games.
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