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We're Back!

Ladies & Gents...

I have no real excuses for my long, long absence from this community and I apologize. Personal life and things got in the way, and I am sorry.

Moving on from that, can I just say that I am getting really excited for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games?!?! Because I really, really am.

I was looking at ticket costs for the events at Vancouver the other day, because I had been thinking for a while (basically since the close of Bejing 2008) that I wanted to try to make it to at least one event. I figured that Vancouver was relatively closer than other locations to the USA. And yes, I knew in my brain that Vancouver is not really that close to my home on the East Coast of the US, but I was laboring under delusions brought on by Olympic euphoria, and I'm sure you understand that.

Long story short, while there are still tickets available (even to one of my favorite winter sports: Curling!), I will not be attending. Is anyone from the community planning on going? If so, please let us know because we'd love to feature some posts by you- live from Vancouver.

So what do I have to offer you today that aren't apologies and sad stories about how I'm not going to Vancouver?

How about the fact that GM is still confirming its sponsorship of the games despite their declaration of bankrupcy? I'm definitely glad that the promises aren't being broken, but I'm still a little shocked.

Or that the committee is two sponsors short of its eleven sponsor goal for the 2010 games? Those who are in (including Samsung) are discussing consolidation in other areas in order to continue to support the Olympics.

And if you live in Vancouver or a surrounding area- see if you can find a Job or a Volunteering opportunity at the games. Wouldn't that be amazing?

I'll be back, with more interesting news stories early next week.

For now? I'm just basking in the glow that is pre-Olympic excitement.