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100 days to go

I was checking out news of the Olympic today and found this link with the medals revealed.  Seems the are "undulating rather than flat"  (I really like that description).

And I am loving the "affordable and practical souvenir"- cute simple red mittens with the logo and all.  If I was going I would most certainly shell out for a pair.

Plus, while we are talking consumerism, you can get Vancouver 2010 Olympic Stamps.  While I don't have the supreme infatuation with these mascots as I had with Beijing's, these guys are still pretty adorable and I like them a lot (plus the games, see previous entry).  Plus if you look real close you see Sumi is shuffleboarding/curling while in a wheelchair.  No pomp and circumstance, not a big ordeal, just inclusion in the set.  Made me smile ;)


( Medal )
( Medal )